This course is designed to offer an overview of the Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy, with a strong emphasis on its principles and the application and scope thereof. The knowledge gained empowers SOS Children’s Villages staff and associates to create a safer and more protective environment for children and young people.


This course provides an overview of the Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy, which must be applied throughout all member associations and the General Secretariat of SOS Children’s Villages International.


After completing the course, the learners will know and understand the key content of the Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy in SOS Children’s Villages. In this regard, learners will:

  • Know and understand key terms and principles related to child and youth safeguarding.

  • Know the application and scope of the Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy, including prevention mechanisms, modalities of awareness and training, processes for reporting concerns and incidents, responses to child and youth safeguarding incidents, and monitoring and evaluation.

  • Identify the responsibilities for implementing the child and youth safeguarding policy.


  • This course is aimed at all staff of SOS Children’s Villages and others working, representing, and/or volunteering for it or on its behalf.

🚩 Starts:
🗂️ Modality: MOOC (Self-Paced)
📅 Duration: 1-2 hours
🔑 Prerequisites: Not required
🎓 Certificate: Participation certificate
🌎 Language: English