Child and Youth Safeguarding – Initial orientation for child and youth care practitioners

MOOC (Self-Paced)


This 1-hour course is crafted as an initial orientation for members of the national board of SOS Children’s Villages in child and youth safeguarding. It places a strong emphasis on fundamental principles and aims to clarify the safeguarding responsibilities of the national board. This knowledge empowers board members to effectively fulfil their child and youth safeguarding responsibilities.


This course provides an overview of the child and youth safeguarding approach applied in SOS Children’s Villages, including national associations, PSAs and the General Secretariat. The course pays particular attention to the following topics:

  • Basic principles of the overall child and youth safeguarding approach in SOS Children’s Villages.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the national board.


After completing this course, board members should

  • Understand the concept of child and youth safeguarding, along with their specific roles and responsibilities in promoting child and youth safeguarding within the member association
  • Be able to identify different forms of child and youth abuse.
  • Be familiar with the minimum requirements for managing child and youth safeguarding incidents, including the role played by the national board.
  • Know how to guarantee that the national management takes responsibility for implementing the comprehensive child and youth safeguarding approach and adheres to the proper procedures for addressing reported incidents.


  • Members of the National Board
  • Members of the Senate
🚩 Starts:
🗂️ Modality: MOOC (Self-Paced)
📅 Duration: 1 hour
🔑 Prerequisites: Not required
🎓 Certificate: Participation certificate
🌎 Language: English