Meaningful Child and Youth Participation in Public Decision-Making

MOOC (Self-Paced) 


This course aims to remind and refresh adults with policy and decision-making responsibility of their role as duty bearers to uphold children’s rights and make them a reality in day to day life.
This includes their duty to seek children’s views and take them into consideration with regards to decisions made about children and young people’s lives.


In this course you will learn about:

  • The role of children and young people as right holders and adults as duty bearers and what this means for our engagement with children and young people in our day-to-day work.

  • The International and European legal frameworks and action forums on children’s rights and participation and the obligations behind it.

  • Regularly encountered constraints and challenges to meaningful child participation (adult and child perspectives).

  • The benefits and impact of participation for children and young people as well as for countries.

  • What meaningful child participation in national policy development looks like (requirements and country examples).

  • Practical tools and frameworks for assessing and implementing children’s participation in participants’ own organisations or departments.

  • How to implement and improve the meaningful participation of children and young people in public decision-making.

  • The importance of integrating child participation in national public decision-making systems and processes.


  • Public decision makers and professionals working for and with children and young people.

🚩 Starts: Today
🗂️ Modality MOOC (Self-Paced)
📅 Duration: 1 hour
🔑 Prerequisites: Not required
🎓 Certificate Participation certificate
🌎 Language: English