Misconduct Incident Management Regulation

MOOC (Self-Paced) 


This course provides an overview of the new Misconduct Incident Management Regulation and how it is to be applied. This regulation is relevant for everyone in the organization and it concerns all types of misconduct incidents.

The activities follow the structure of the Misconduct Incident Management Regulation and introduce the audience to information and knowledge that is critical for understanding how to implement the regulation.


After completing this course, the participants will:

  • Understand why the Misconduct Incident Management Regulation is important

  • Know about the principles of incident management

  • Know about the incident management team

  • Become familiar with reporting of incidents

  • Get basic understanding of steps of incident management

Please note that this course is only an introduction to managing misconduct incidents. For more in-depth learning you need to attend further trainings, workshops and other capacity building activities organized by the organization or externally.


  • All staff

🚩 Starts:
🗂️ Modality MOOC (Self-Paced)
📅 Duration: 1.5 hours
🔑 Prerequisites: Not required
🎓 Certificate Participation certificate
🌎 Language: English