MOOC (Self-Paced)


This course will enable the user to get an understanding about sexual harassment, the cause of its prevalence, the factors further contributing to sexual harassment at workplace, the sexual harassment act as laid down by the law of our country and finally the rights and responsibility of each employee with regard to sexual harassment.

The key take-a ways of the module will be:

  • Understanding Sexual Harassment in reference to the Act
  • Behaviour constituting sexual harassment
  • Factors contributing to sexual harassments

  • Sexual harassment act as laid down by the law of our country

  • Building a holistic outlook towards Sexual Harassment and tracing its roots in Gender Identities

  • Rights and responsibilities of every co-worker with regards to the sexual harassment

  • Understanding the Complaint Process and Redressal Mechanism (ICC and LCC) in reference to the Act

  • Establishing certain norms for Code of Conduct


This e-learning course is designed for all SOS care professionals who are directly/indirectly involved in child care and development in their daily work. This includes:

  • care professionals working and living with children

  • professionals who support mothers/parents in family like care model

  • people who support these care professionals

  • people who are responsible for designing local and national child care guidelines

  • any other staff associated in child care and development

📖 This online course consists of 1 unit:

  • Unit 1: Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH)

🚩 Starts:
🗂️ Modality MOOC (Self-Paced)
📅 Duration: 1 to 1.5  hours
🔑 Prerequisites: Not required
🎓 Certificate Available
🌎 Language: English