Child Safeguarding in SOS Children’s Villages

MOOC (Self-Paced)


This course provides an overview of the child safeguarding approach applied in SOS Children’s Villages, be it national associations, PSAs and the General Secretariat. The main aim of the course is to create a common understanding of the key child safeguarding principles applied by the organization, and raise awareness of the policies and procedures by which we implement these child-safeguarding principles.


We recommend using this course as an introduction on child safeguarding for newly recruited staff (including SOS parents and other child and youth care practitioners), associates (e.g. consultants, freelancers etc.),  volunteers, but also partner organizations who can have direct or indirect contact with children and young people supported by the organization.


On completion this course, the learners know and understand the key principles of the overall child safeguarding approach in SOS Children’s Villages. In this regard, the users will:

  • know how to assess potential or even existing child safeguarding risks and why it is important
  • are able to recognize inappropriate or problematic, and abusive behaviours and are able to identify situations potentially harmful to children and young people
  • know how to report child safeguarding incidents
  • understand the process of responding to child safeguarding incidents and the roles and responsibilities of the different staff

Please note that this course is only an introduction to child safeguarding. For more in-depth learning on child safeguarding, you need to attend further trainings, workshops and other capacity building activities organized by the organization or externally.

Modality: MOOC (Self-Paced)
Length: 4 hours
Certificate: Available
Language: English